Virak Tells All In An Exclusive Interview

Hello, I’m Chris from The Festival Voice here today with Virak! We love his new release “Sugar (Rework)” and previous work like “This is House”, but today we want to take some time to talk with Virak about something much more important… YOU! DJs thrive on the love and support of loyal fans just like you. So today we are talking with Virak about some of his favorite fan experiences and we’ll learn a little about him so that you, his fans, get to know him better.
C: Thanks for taking time to talk with us and your fans today! We really appreciate you and your work. So tell us, what have been some of your favorite experiences with fans thus far?
V: My favorite experience with fans… maybe when I played in a nightclub, an underground after hours party. Techno and house music. An amazing nightlife club, and I feel that thete the fans showed me they enjoy a lot of my music and mixes. For me, it’s just one of the best memories with them on the dancefloor.
C: Have you ever received any fan-art?
V: Not yet!
C: We all know how crazy fans can get when they meet a favorite artist. What has been one of your more memorable interactions with a fan?
V: Some people sometimes want to take a picture. I let them where my headphones like a DJ and take one. I always try to make my fans happy and help them keep the good memories.
C: You get a unique perspective of the crowd from the stage. Tell us, what has been one of the craziest things that you have seen while on stage?
V: I can see many things in the crowd. Some things are very crazy! I don’t remember anything specific. When I play a set and they really enjoy,  and maybe they drink too much, they do strange things.
C: That’s part of it! People really feel the music when they are in a different state of mind. So, do you prefer playing for large crowds like festival or do you prefer a more intimate show at a smaller venue? And why?
V: I prefer a small venue because I can see all the people. I know that they have come for this kind of party. It’s not like if you play on a big stage. When you have only 20 or 30 people in front of the booth, you try to make the best for all of them. You can see more what they expect of your set. For me, it’s the best experience for a DJ. You can really see the fans reacting to the music.
C: Come on down to Miami! There’s a lot of great venues for you out here, Virak.
V: Maybe one day when we are traveling again!
C: Would you rather see the crowd head banging and going wild, or do you prefer to watch as everyone gets their groove on?
V: I like to see when they feel the different moments in the track I play. So, when they dance very slowly, then the build up and the drop, and then they feel the vibe. I don’t like to see people all the time going wild. I think they may not feel the music if they’re only going hard.
C: Yeah, better when they are in sync. What is your favorite song to get the audience pumped up and dancing?
V: My song or another’s?
C: Yours! Or both?
V: I think “Sugar” from my tracks, but if I had to pick another song… a track by John Summit, “Deep End”.
C: Let’s get a little personal now. Virak, tell us about yourself, where you’re from, and where you live now.
V: I am from  Lyon, France. I’m French. 
C:  Bonjour!
V: Bonsoir! For me, it’s night here. I started being a DJ in 2006, about 15 years ago. Then I started working in a lot of clubs and bars in France. One night I decided to move to Phuket, Thaliand,
to change my way of life and try another experience DJing. And I’m still living here. The beach, there’s nothing like it in France. So I’m happy!
C: Tell us a little about your family. Did your family support your choice to become a musician?
V: Yes! At the beginning, when you tell your parents like me 15 years ago that you want to start DJing, they are little scared. They thought it was a weird job, and my brother and sister have jobs like engineering. But I felt my passion, and year after year I showed them I can live my passion. After that they accept and still support me now.
C: Tell us about your past and what brought you to this point in life. Were there any life-defining moments, people, or albums that majorly impacted you as a person or as a musician?
V: I don’t remember a special track but my inspiration came from house music in the 2000s. Some tracks by. Bob Sinclair, “Champs Eysées”. David Guetta’s “Just a little more love” and some tracks by French artists like Antoine Clamaran, Daft Punk, Superfunk… These tracks made me feel that I wanted to, that I knew being a DJ would be my passion. I wanted to make music like them around the world.
C: Some hardstyle DJs are into punk music and the simplicity of punk rock makes it into their music. Do you have any unique influences that played a part in your direction as a musician?
V: I would say hip hop because it’s known around the world. Everybody listens!
C: If you could give your fans one piece of advice about their career, life, anything, what would it be?
V: I would suggest to work, that is the first thing, then believe in your dreams. And don’t care about what other people say about you. People might try to stop you, may not agree with your decisions, or may be jealous. In this work, as a DJ, people can be jealous and if you stop to think a lot about this you cannot keep going. If you do your job well, people will talk about you, bad or good. It’s still good for you! I do what I want and I don’t care about what others, friends, family think. If you have a passion, you try your best and you can get it.
C: Love that. Anything else you would like to say to our readers today?
V: Check out “Sugar” on Spotify. Out everywhere January 15.  I continue to produce but prefer to keep promoting this track and see how far it can go. But for sure, there are new tracks coming soon!