What’s New Bonnaroo

What’s New Bonnaroo? 

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We all have that one festival that’s home to us. For me, that festival is Bonnaroo. Words cannot describe the thrill of packing up my car and beginning that 9-hour journey. Nestled on a beautiful 700-acre farm in Manchester, TN this four-day festival will take place June 13th – June 16th. Having missed last year’s event, I cannot wait to return to the farm! Every year Superfly puts on a spectacular event (even if we aren’t always huge fans of the lineup). 2019 is sure to be another unforgettable experience!

What We’re Looking Forward To

This week Bonnaroo released some amazing updates to come in 2019. Of course, I instantly started thinking about walking under that beautiful, radiant, captivating arch! I cannot wait to high five everyone possible, cool off at the fountain at 8 am, and jam out at Snake & Jake’s Christmas Barn! Needless to say, I could not wait to find out how other Bonnaroovian’s felt about the updates and what they’re looking forward to.

Roo Arch

Mike Bertleff summed it up perfectly stating, “the thing I am looking forward to the most is being apart of the Bonnaroo Community again. The vibes and energy felt there is absolutely sublime year after year. I’ve truly met some of the most beautiful souls on that farm that I will never forget. That’s also why Roo is my home. Once you get in line and you see the other cars playing the same music that you love and traveling from the entire country ready to give a million high fives, experience the best music, and have the time of their lives with you. You can’t help but feel at home.”

From Pods to Plazas

If you’re a Roo vet, you certainly know all about “The Pods.” Well, last year our beloved pods turned into Plazas offering more activities and amenities to campers. Located in every plaza will be various activities and art, water and phone charging stations, showers, restrooms, and medical tents. These updates are designed to make Roo more accessible to everyone. Chloe Hannan who loved Cage the Elephant’s surprise set in Plaza 9 last year stated, “I’m so looking forward to the updates they’re making. I really love that they’re not afraid to try new things. Having artists curate plazas feels really special and accessible.”

Bringing the Woods to Roo

Another exciting update is the opening up of the eastern woods of the farm. Next year Roo will be opening up an exclusive wooded area that has yet to be available to campers. In addition to light-based art, we can be sure to expect some cool experiences with various artists and bands.

Roo’s Sanctuary of Love

Over the past few years, the music world has faced an increase in artists struggling with mental health issues. Because of this, many festival goers are looking forward to “Roo’s Sanctuary of Self Love.” Located in Plaza 2 this installation will be curated by Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Jake Daniels, who will be attending his first Roo stated, “I am looking forward to the Hayley Williams self-love area that’s supposed to go up! A lot of festivals I’ve gone to don’t have anything like that around, and I think it’s wonderful someone is finally doing it!” Auri Lewis said, “ I’m honestly going to die if Hayley is at her self-love area. Paramore’s music has helped me stay sane throughout the years, so potentially finally meeting Hayley would be a dream. I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day.”

Bonnaroo is more than just a music festival. It’s an experience. It gives people an opportunity to explore who they are, create lasting friendships, and find a place they can call home. If you haven’t experienced the farm, I highly encourage you to do so! You can secure your ticket and find out more about the updates by clicking here