Who’s Ready to Lose Their Head at Escape?!

Get your costumes ready!!!

And make sure your Halloween makeup is looking spooky fabulous and your squad is in check! You’ll lose your head in 2 weeks’ time! Insomniac will drag headliners back into the dark for a certifiably insane weekend at Escape Halloween!

Here to haunt your spirits and celebrate the spooky season, Escape will be happening at the NOS Event Center on October 29th and 30th for two days filled with three-dimensional art, top-tier production, and head-rolling, neck-breaking music that’ll leave you wanting more.



Halloween has arrived!

Each stage offers up a unique musical treat, full of audiovisual trickery to captivate your soul and drown your body in the bass. Enter an artistic world of three-dimensional superstructures, glow-in-the-dark environments, and technological feats of light, sound, and fire to awe the eyes. Prepare yourself for acts such as Sullivan King, Doctor P b2b Funtcase, Jauz, Zomboy and, MANY MANY MORE that will serve up two nights of monstrous beats as Insomniac brings you a multi-genre musical experience that will slay you and your crew. Persuaded? Tickets are still available so come join the horror with us!

A Few Health and Safety Tips from your Neighborhood Healthcare Worker / Journalist (a.k.a me)

I’ve been working as a healthcare worker for 3 years now, both in hospital and entertainment settings, and here are some words of wisdom that I would like to pass down to my fellow ravers:

  1. HYDRATION PACKS. I’m not kidding, water does make a huge difference in your experience (and the day after). My personal favorite hydration pack is from vibedration. I’ve had their 2L bag for years and it’s survived many years and more snowboarding trips.
  2. Earplugs. Listen (pun intended), hearing is great and all but imagine being in your 50s and STILL having your hearing. Protect your hearing so that you can still head-bang out well into your old age. My personal favorite brand is eargasm on amazon. You can also find some Ground Controllers (staff with the purple hearts) or stop by a medical tent and they will have some on hand too!
  3. Mini first-aid kit. You can also stop by any first-aid/medical tent for band-aids and such, but it doesn’t hurt (pun intended) to have a mini first aid kit on you. With band-aids for those gnarly blisters or a little Neosporin if you cut yourself. You can’t ever be too prepared!

That’s all I got for ya’ll! Until escape, see you all on the dance floor 🙂