You Need A TARPESTRY In Your Life

Guys, I have some awesome news for you. The next big thing is here- THE TARPESTRY!! This is the next thing you need to get and pack into your festy bag because it is a phenomenal product! What is a Tarpestry, you may ask? Well, it’s a tarp and a tapestry combined into one product. It’s durable and will keep you dry- yet looks awesome too! It’s an epic outdoor blanket that is also in style!

I was able to take the TARPESTRY to its first festival this past weekend, Global Dance. First off, I have to say, I love the design! I got the Rainbow Peaks one and I love the look! You’ll have to check out all of the styles for yourself! There’s a style out there for everyone! Here’s a couple of their styles available.

One of the major perks of the Tarpestry is that you can customize the number of grommets. This makes it easy to stake your blanket to the ground if you need to get up for any reason. I didn’t need to do that at Global, because I some time relaxing in the grass before putting it back into my bag and going off to dance! But besides festivals, you could take it on picnics, to the beach, camping, or anywhere outdoors! I plan to put this on my essentials list for my next camping festival so I can relax and watch the tunes.

We also had a mini-music fest in our town called Almost Friday Fest and it was great to take while I relaxed in the grass. While the fest wasn’t fancy, it was great to take my Tarpestry out! It has so many uses!

While it didn’t rain on me, based on the material of the Tarpestry, it’s going to keep your butt dry, just like a tarp! But who wants to sit on a tarp? Problem solved with this awesome new product! It’s stylish and comfy, plus, it is a small business. I am so happy with this new product and can’t wait to test it out more in the upcoming weeks! What a great product- go get one NOW! While I did get this product as a promo, this is one thing I would definitely purchase!