You’ll Never Believe The Story of Dreamtheory

You’ll Never Believe The Story of Dreamtheory

Hello, my name is Savannah Rae and I am here with Nick who is better known by his stage name which is Dreamtheory. So Nick, you’ve been up to some pretty BIG things lately. Your new tracks Jackpot and Swagger Back, which are awesome, by the way. but we are NOT here to talk too much about that today. We are here to talk about something that is super important to Nick or Dreamtheory which is his fans and connecting with his audience. Nick wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for his loving fans! So today we’re going to get a little up close and personal so that way your fans can get to know you a little better.

**Warning- explicit content**

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So first off, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to speak with your fans today. I know that everyone here really appreciates it and so I’m really glad you are here.


N: No, I’m glad to be here. Thanks for inviting me. I really appreciate it.


1) So tell us, Nick, what have been some of your favorite experiences with your fans so far?


N: So probably that ties in really closely with Jackpot. I got a random DM on Soundcloud from Sunbeam Young. And I think he just messaged me and said, “Hey, I really like your shit. I do vocals or whatever. I’ll just send you whatever you want.” And at first I was like yeah, okay, I guess just send them to me and I’ll see what I can do or whatever. And he sent me this one song that he had just like sitting in his vault. And he sent it to me and I thought oh maybe like this could be something cool. And so it ended up being Jackpot. That was really cool. A lot of the cool interactions I find are usually online. I mean, in person is really cool but there’s not too much in person going on with COVID and stuff like that. Maybe in the future, but not right now. I’d definitely say that’s probably top 5 four sure, maybe top 3 of cool stuff that’s happened with fans and people who just dug my music.

dreamtheory2) We all know how crazy some fans can get when they finally get to meet one of their favorite artists. What has been one of your most memorable interactions with a fan either online or in person, although not recently of course.


N: I haven’t had anything too crazy happen but there has been- and it wasn’t even me, it was my friend at a show. And one of the girls took it upon themselves to flash one of my friends while they were DJing so that was pretty cool. But nothing like directly to me, nothing too crazy! But that was pretty fun.


3) That probably ties into the next question which is: You get a unique perspective of the crowd from the stage. Tell us, what has been one of the craziest things that you have seen while on stage? I mean, that for sure.


N: I would probably say that. Besides that, I mean, people just being like extremely drunk or like on drugs. Being totally crazy or whatever. That would probably top the flashing.


4) When you’re playing at an event, you’re obviously not playing the entire night. Do you ever go enjoy the event and get lost in the crowd? And what do you do when your fans recognize you in the crowd?


N: I mean, all the time. I love to go out into the crowd and just watch the show. I’m not too much of a stay-back in the green room person. I mean, it’s cool. If I’m about to go play, I’ll want to go in the green room and just chill for a little bit before I go on. Usually, it’s really fun to go and watch. I don’t go to too many shows outside of the ones that I’ve been playing, pre-covid of course, so it’s cool to go out there and actually watch the stuff and be at a show. That’s really fun. Whenever people come up, they’re usually just buddies. We make friends and talk and have a good time. That’s pretty fun too!


5) Let’s talk about live performances for a second. I know it’s probably been awhile. Do you prefer playing for the large crowds of fans at festivals or do you prefer more intimate shows at smaller local venues? 


N: Intimate shows are much more- it’s so weird when you’re playing. You get a shit ton more nervous playing in a small room. I’ve had to do that a few times now and it’s just been super nerve-wracking. They’re looking at you. You know what I mean?


S: Yeah, I could see that.


N: Big shows are a lot easier I guess. I don’t want to say relaxing but maybe a little bit more fun. I don’t know, it’s just more nerve-wracking being in front of a group of five people and they’re like, “What are you doing?” There is something to be said about those small shows, though, because there’s more of a connection. You can look people in the eyes, that kind of stuff. Those are really fun!


6) What has been your favorite festival and/or venue to perform at, and who has been your favorite crowd to play for thus far?


N: I haven’t played very many big shows but I have played at a venue called the Cobra down here in Nashville. It’s really cool and they draw some cool crowds. As far as festivals, I’ve never been to a festival or anything. I see the Lost Lands posters behind you. Everyone I tell that to convinces me for like an hour to go. I should probably go at some point.


Are there any festivals that actually are scheduled for this year? I’ve seen stuff popping up. 


S: Yeah, there’s some stuff scheduled for this year but I’m not sure how many are actually selling tickets. It’s just up in the air right now. Lost Lands is technically scheduled and I have my tickets from 2020. I was supposed to go but, I don’t know.


N: So is that just like a festival that was supposed to happen in 2020 that got postponed? 


S: Yeah, and so I still have tickets but I don’t know if they’re going to push us back to 2022, if it’s going to happen. I mean, who knows at this point.


N: Yeah, okay, damn. If stuff calmed down, I maybe would have considered going to Lost Lands or something like that. I’ve never- okay, I lied. There’s this- it’s a festival I guess, it’s kind of small, Breakaway here in Nashville, Tennessee. It has some big acts that will come through. I went to one day of that and that was pretty cool. I don’t think it really compares to Lost Lands. There I’d probably lose my freaking mind. It’s really cool so I’ve got to go at some point. 


S: Yeah, definitely. I understand though, those small festivals, we’ve got some small festivals. I actually live in Iowa so there’s some small ones that happen here. I mean, it’s totally different. Super fun, but it is different.


7) What is your favorite song to get your audience pumped up and dancing their hearts out?

N: Maybe Jackpot. I know it’s the most recent thing that’s come out but it’s actually one of the first songs I’ve put out that actually has lyrics. I haven’t worked with another artist that has vocals. I guess Jackpot. It’s really fun, especially the last half of it. It’s happy like fun so that’s fun to play. I like it a lot.


8) Okay, let’s get a little personal now and help your audience connect with you on a deeper level. So Nick, tell us a little bit about yourself. How old you are, where you’re originally from, where you live now, etc.


N: I’m 22 right now. I’ll be turning 23 this April, at the end. I feel like I should probably still be 18, turning 19. It’s crazy man. I moved her. I wasn’t born and raised here in Nashville. I moved here from Texas. I moved here in 2017, so I guess about 4 years. 


I moved here from Texas and I was born and raised in Texas. I was going to- this is a long story but I guess we’ve got time. I was going to college in Texas for music for only about a semester and a half before I decided that it was time to go and adventure away. 


And when I say that, not so much adventure but I mean- I just want to- I don’t even know how to describe it. To this day, it is still hard to describe what happened because I was sitting there in one of the piano practice rooms, working on some of my- I don’t know what I was working on- some sort of test of whatever. And a really weird thought hit my head while I was practicing. It was a really passive though, like you just start thinking or whatever, like you’re halfway doing something. I thought to myself, “Damn, wouldn’t it be crazy if I moved somewhere and didn’t even tell anybody, hahaha?”


And I kind of stopped there for a second. I thought that was kind of weird. I kept going on and practicing but that thought would not leave my head for some reason. And so I kind of sat on that idea for a little bit. I mean, everyone has thoughts of running away whenever they’re younger for whatever reason. 


But a couple of days later, I kept revisiting it and I was like, oh shit. I think I’m about to run away from home. And I was like damn. 


And I knew in my head if I didn’t do it within that week, I definitely would not have the balls to do it later on. I just wouldn’t do it. And so for some reason, it came up as an opportunity to go into the unknown and discover what the hell was out there and see if I can survive. 


I think it was a Sunday that I left if I remember properly. Maybe Saturday. I packed all my bags, told my parents and stuff like that. They were freaking out, of course.  They were like, “Holy shit, Nick, what have I done? Have I done anything to upset you?” And blah blah. I was like, “No Mom, no Dad, I don’t know how to explain it, I just thought I’d go. I just have to leave and just see what’s out there.”


And so I packed all my bags. I blocked everyone that I knew on my phone beside my parents and like one friend, really. And I told them before I left, “Hey, I’m going to be gone for a long time. I’m blocking everyone else’s number. Don’t freak out.”


So I blocked everyone else and just drove to Nashville. And I ended up living- because I didn’t know anybody in Nashville- I got here and I just lived in my car for a couple of months just to discover what the hell life was about. 


It’s still hard for me to explain what it was for me that made me want to go do that.  I felt something really strong pulling at me and telling me to just go and go see what was out there on my own. I’m a pretty private person so I like doing stuff by myself and just figuring stuff out on my own. I just wanted to not talk to anybody.


The story gets even crazier.


To be continued in our next article!


Check the video for this interview with Dreamtheory HERE.


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