Bassrush Brings Orlando ELEVATED.

Headbangers Assemble For This Elevated Event!

As we put our hardships from 2020 behind us, we can release our stress from that year by headbanging and dancing the night away on August 28th at the Orlando Amphitheater! It’s time for us to embark on an interstellar exploration through pulsating basslines for the debut of Insomniac’s brand NEW massive event series feat 12th Planet, Level Up, OG Nixin b2b Al Ross, Rated R, Sullivan King, Svdden Death, and Versa.


Oh how we’ve missed exhilarating our senses!

We’ve missed the thrill of rumbling frequencies shifting us to a higher state of mind, and exploring a realm of transcendental sounds. This show will have us headbanging so hard that our necks might detach from our spines. With a stream of ubs, wubs, and some nasty wobbles, you can expect artists such as Sullivan King dropping some massive hits from his “LOUD” and “To The Grave” album and 12th Planet throwing down some popular singles from his “Supernova” album.

Get those icey-hots and advil prepped for after the show because this will absolutely be a night for you to remember, and a night your neck will never forget. This is one elevated night!

Tickets are still available! Grab them while they’re hot, and see ya’ll on the dancefloor 🙂