Check Out The Museum of Modern Electronic Music!

Museum Of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) Set to Launch in Frankfurt

We’ve talked a little bit about the history of electronic music before, but this October, be ready to experience the brand new Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM)! This brand new museum will launch in Frankfurt and we couldn’t be more excited! The museum will teach a little about the history of electronic music but will look into the future as well. This is a multi-roomed, sensory-stimulating museum that will connect you directly to sound and light! The high-tech interactive experiences will immerse you in the story of electronic music with exhibits of iconic moments, artists, flyers, logos, and artwork. Man, I might just book a flight to Frankfurt for this alone!


Director Alex Azary had the inspiration for this amazing museum with Technoclub founder Andreas “Talla” Tomalla. The idea was created in 2011. Technoclub was the first-ever weekly techno event in Frankfurt. The event began in 1984 hosted by Dorian Gray, where Alex and Talla promoted it from 1987 to December 2000. Due to this techno spirit, Azary is considered one of the leading cultural activists in Frankfurt. He has been a music lover, DJ, and producer with a huge influence on the scene since the 90s. His unique perspective, experiences, and understand elevate this project to the next level.

MOMEM is a universal stage for unlimited imagination and experience. 

Music heals us in so many ways. It triggers complex emotions, enhances storytelling, and more. It is a live experience phenomenon where people get a new perspective, experience the unknown, and make connections. The museum will use this to create a unique experience that combines rhythm and sound while using elements of tension to create an immersive experience. You can imagine all aspects of electronic music will be explored at this museum. 

Of course, industry leaders have been involved in MOMEM from the start. Atelier Markgraph worked in design and realization while Cosalux was a key partner. The building itself is futuristic. Music led the charge from the start with 12″ records, square sleeves, and metal mesh based on sound systems built into the design itself. Bass reflections, patterns, and a 360 degree sound wave are key elements that tie the design together. The sleek design is a multi-sensory space that brings together the whole experience.
In addition, soundwave graphics wrap the outside of the building itself while special interactive areas allow passersby to manipulate the sounds. QR codes work to allow visitors to choose which DJs to hear while sets can be explored at the museum itself.

There are three distinct areas in MOMEM.

The Creator’s Stage has flexible furniture utilized for different contests while the Spatial Sampler has an infinite space grid-lighting that can be converted into a hyperspace. The sound waves on the wall allow for the giant disco ball to be illuminated with amazing lights and sound. The Inner Circle shares the exhibitions while the Sonic Welcome, Come Together, A Special Guest Area, a shop, and a library are separate areas. There is a ton of history and knowledge in this wonderful place!

Ready to visit? Can’t you just feel how amazing this is?!?

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