It’s Summer Camp Time, Baby!

It’s time for SCamp, baby! I am so excited for Summer Camp time this next weekend because it officially kick starts my summer. Every Memorial Day Weekend (except the past two years, for obvious reasons), Summer Camp kick starts the summer off with a bang! It’s the first festival of many that I will be attending and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am extra excited to represent The Festival Voice again this year. 

We’ve already gone through the lineup for Summer Camp but as a veteran camper, I have got some tips and tricks for you to make the most of your weekend.

  1. BRING A WAGON! It is quite a walk from the parking lot to your campground. Purchase a collapsible folding wagon. Trust me, it is worth it! Here’s a link to one that has great reviews! (Please note: all items linked here do help The Festival Voice to make a little money if you click them and purchase!) I recommend a heavy duty one because you’re going through sand and so much more to bring your stuff in!

2. Check out the Soulshine activities! Summer Camp has so much more to do than just vibe to the music. Of course, that’s one of the best parts but the activities at SCamp are great! You can participate in yoga, jewelry making, a field day, and so much more! These activities make the experience so much better!

3. Summer Camp works hard at making sure you are doing good things for the environment. Bring a trash bag and a recycling bag. You can sort your items and recycle them right there at Summer Camp!

4. Visit the non-profits! There is always a vendor row where you can check out the non-profit vendors.

5. While there isn’t rain in the forecast as of right now, BOOTS! Seriously, Summer Camp gets wet. And right in front of the Moonshine stage becomes a giant water pit. I’ve been ankle deep in mud on more than one occasion. Bring some boots (I bought a cheap pair for $10 at Wal-mart. Or, even better, get some water shoes! My fiance recently upgraded to these and they are the best!

6. Bring a mask! This isn’t COVID related or anything like that so don’t get upset because I’m recommending a mask- but Summer Camp gets dusty. When everyone had to start wearing masks, my fiance and I already had them from Summer Camp! It’s so dusty, especially if it doesn’t rain, and you will want one! Trust me, you don’t want black snot when you come home. 

7. Bring a water jug! We bought this one and love having access to water all the time at the festival! We just throw it in our wagon, fill it up, and walk it back to our campsite. It’s so nice to be able to wash our hands! 

8. Bring a hydration pack! You can go with Camelbak or the like- such as this one– or you can get an Elevated Life one. They are typically on site at the festival and have really cool designs!

9. Check out Moe and Umph. Both of these sets will be AMAZING!! It’s just part of the overall SCamp experience, trust me!

10. If you’re into jam bands, check out the EDM. If you’re into EDM, check out the jam bands. Seriously! One of my favorite parts about this festival is the fact that both genres are represented. I’m more of an EDM girl myself but have found a love for some of the jam bands. My favorite is probably Here Comes The Mummies. A few years ago, someone was selling baby trees at Here Comes The Mummies and I still have my baby tree to this day! Check the other genres out!

11. Explore the forest! There is so much to do in the forest- it’s such a vibe! Speaking of the forest, if you want to camp there, you had better get there Thursday! You have almost no chance if you get there Friday. That being said, I’ve always camped in the field and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

12. Three words- Chorizo. Stuffed. Bread. Seriously, this one vendor has a clay oven on site and it is the BEST! Walk along the edge of the forest near the Moonshine stage to find this delectable treat.

I’ll see you all there, SCampers! Happy Summer Camp time!