Livestreams This Weekend- Stay Home and RAGE

What Livestreams are You Checking Out This Weekend?

Sanitized hands up everyone! This weekend has so much going on that no matter what genre you like, you’ll find something to check out! I know of several livestreams going on tomorrow but I’m sure there are tons of others. The Festival Voice wants to keep you up to date by giving you a list of as many livestreams as we can!! To my knowledge, there are many choices this weekend: Disciple, the online Minecraft dubstep festival, Countdown: Insomniac’s live stream, Seven Lions’ personal Twitch broadcast, Kaskade’s Personal, Beatport’s stream, and a paid live stream with Kaskade, Daft Punk, Marshmello, DeadMau5, and Rezz! We’re gonna get you details of all 5 of these streams including where to watch them and who is playing!

Disciple Minecraft Livestream

We discussed this one in an earlier post where you can check out all the details HERE. This festival will be held through Minecraft but will be streamed through Twitch and Youtube I hear as well. If you are a dubstep fan (ME!!), this is your kind of festival! The set times are located below. Good news? You should be able to check out both this and Insomniac’s festival all weekend because their hours workout. Remember, these are all Pacific Time!

Insomniac’s Countdown

Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland Virtual Raveathon had quite the turnout last weekend! Plus- those sets are up on Youtube (I’m currently watching Saymyname’s broadcast as I write!). Pasquale decided to help us out by doing ANOTHER livestream! This one is based on the festival Countdown. Set times haven’t been released to my knowledge. If you notice though, the Minecraft one ends at 9 PM Pacific and this one starts at 8. Only 1 hour of overlap?!?!? Turn it on in both rooms and walk between them?!?! You can access this by typing it directly into YouTube.


Seven Lions’ Personal

I am in LOVE with Seven Lions! AHHH I’m going to have to pick because all 3 of them are at the same time!!!! This is terrible!! His new album comes out TOMORROW so I can only assume that this livestream will include that as well. The livestream starts at 8 pm PST.

Free Burritos with Kaskade

Free burritos anyone? You can get some with Kaskade’s livestream tomorrow!

Beatport’s Stream

Earlier, I posted that this was Griz’ set. I found out that there’s a whole livestream series through Beatport! This has so many different genres and goes on all day! Check it out!

Tidal’s Paid Stream

This last stream is a paid subscription service. Tidal is hosting daily streams, however, most of them are older and not live sets. On Friday, March 27th, they are having an EDM day! This includes deadmau5, Daft Punk, Kaskade, Marshmello, Cashmere Cat, and Rezz! These are only the ones I’ve seen announced so far, more details to come. You can access this crazy stream for $4 and you get this for the next four months!! That’s $1 a month! Thet also have done streams from people not in the EDM scene such as JLo. You can check that out here!

Can’t decide? This meme shares what you need to do if you can’t decide.

What are you checking out this weekend? Hopefully, we gave you plenty of ideas!!! This is gonna be SICK. Stay safe, stay home, sanitized hands up y’all!

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