My Spooky Time at Escape Psycho Circus

Welcome back to real life!

Who would’ve thought that most of us could survive EDC AND Escape Psycho Circus back to back?! There was a time when I could.  Now that my body is withered and wary from all my previous festivals, doing two festivals two weekends in a row is mentally and physically draining. If you’re reading this, I hope you’ve hydrated, done a clean load of laundry or two, and caught up on all your Zzzs 🙂

Taking place on the eve of Halloween

at the NOS Event Center in San Bernadino, Escape was brought back from the dead, and lively as ever! Four spooky-themed stages filled with bone-trembling bass, head-rolling house, soul-sucking techno, and heart-popping dance-electro-pop. There were all kinds of music to satisfy your every electro-craving. I was able to see Sullivan King for the first time, and he did not disappoint. The crowd was absolutely WILD. Headbangers on every side of me, rails being violently shaken, and mosh pits galore. It still amazes me how Sullivan King’s voice isn’t gone, but the duo knows how to put on a show.

Photo Credits: Escape’s Facebook Page

Doctor P B2B Funtcase

made me feel like I was in the middle of a super intense gym session, and the energy in that crowd was HEAVY. I couldn’t keep up with the other headbangers, but wow was I absolutely taken away by this duo. I listen to Doctor P religiously at the gym and to see him perform with Funtcase I feel is rare, and I’m glad I was able to witness it.


Photo Credit: Escape’s Facebook Page

Now that festivals are taking a small break until Dreamstate and Project Z, catch those Zs, hydrate x100, and do a clean load of laundry. Escape Psycho Circus was one for the books. 

Until next rave, see ya’ll on the dance floor 🙂

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*Photo Credits – Sam O’Shay