North Coast Brings The Fire

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of checking out North Coast. I went back in… 2015??? But I haven’t been since and when I saw this lineup, I knew I had to check out the festival! I had a few friends going to the festival so I booked my hotel and BOOM, plans were made!

Friday was a little crazy for me personally. I got off from my day job at noon and hightailed it to Chicago, but after checking into the hotel and traffic (UGH, CHICAGO TRAFFIC, it is seriously the worst out of all the major cities I’ve been to), I was cutting it close on time. I was supposed to interview Sisto at 6:30… but unfortunately, that didn’t pan out. I finally found the media line and it was fairly quick, but it was still too late. It’s all good though because Sisto is rescheduling and it’ll all work out.

So at this point, it was past 7 and the sun was fading fast. I met up with my friends at The Vega. I didn’t take too many photos Friday because I was flustered when I arrived at the fest, I just wanted to vibe with my friends. 

Let’s talk about this venue for a bit- the parking was ample and it was a nice parking lot, which means that no one got stuck on their way out. I’ve had that happen at plenty of festivals, so good news that it was paved. Second off, the Stadium was HUGE! There was tons of room to dance and have fun with your friends. The one downside was that there were so many stairs, but they did have a ramp too. The Vega was nice, too. I loved that there was GRASS. Grass is great because your feet don’t hurt as much at the end of the night. I still believe in wearing good shoes though!

There were tons of fun little things to do as well, such as check out the Incendia Fire, the beautiful walkway, and other art installations. The one thing I regret is not checking out the Chill Dome. I always said I would and then somehow, it never happened. I heard it was air conditioned in there. 

We LOVED the VIP setup at North Coast. I’ve never been one to spring extra for VIP, but it was well worth it. First off, there was so much space to dance and groove. I loved being able to get right up on the rail, something I never usually try for because it’s so packed, but VIP had so much space. There were also dedicated bars and food lines, which was great because NO LINES! I have to say, that was the biggest perk of VIP- the lack of lines. I would definitely get VIP if I attended again, well worth it. 

Friday night had some killer sets as it was the Subtronics takeover. We were able to check out Rusko, Boogie T, and Subtronics from that takeover. The stages were fairly close together, so thankfully, I was able to run over and check out Madeon. Finally, we closed out the night with Armin Van Buuren and his beautiful trance vibes.

Saturday was a way less stressful day, although they shut down The Chill Dome for a bit due to possible inclement weather- but it all stayed south of the festival! We got there at a decent time and met up with our friends at the car, so we could all go in together. The line was pretty long to get in, but one of the perks of VIP is there are virtually no lines!! We got right into the festival and ran off to check out Mersiv. We were grooving and caught up with tons of great sets including Jason Ross, Mitis, Wooli, Said The Sky, Yotto, Seven Lions, and Illenium. 

Finally, Sunday Funday! It seemed less crowded, which makes me wonder if there were a ton of Saturday one day tickets. I had an interview with Kaivon, which was a blast.

Then, I realized I hadn’t been taking enough photos the past two nights so night three was my night where I really went HARD on the photos. I think the one I’m the most proud of is this one with SLANDER. 

I got so many amazing photos and saw some great sets, you’ll have to check out my photo album below! I finished off the night with my friends, after checking out amazing sets such as Slander, Svdden Death, and Porter Robinson. What an amazing weekend! I want to go back to North Coast sometime soon!