The Festival Voice Presents: Matteo Interview

Hey, hey festy fam! I was lucky enough to be able to do an interview with Chinese Man frontman, Matteo, and we had a blast! Recently, he released his eclectic new album, Matteo & Bro, which is out on his very own label, Chinese Man Records. Throughout the 8 tracks, the album ventures through electro, jazz, funk, trip hop, soul, and other world music. Check out the video HERE!

You can also check out a short montage video of the album release party HERE, which was hosted at Parc Longchamp in Marseille. 


The album is currently available to purchase and stream now on vinyl, CD, and digitally. “Matteo & Bro” is a stunningly-produced and refreshing collection of records, which will no doubt satiate the modern audience’s appetite for originality and the cross-pollination of genres. If you’re lucky enough, check out one of Matteo’s shows!


04/08/22 – MARSEILLE – Le Makeda

04/13/22 to 24/04/22 – INDIA TOUR

04/26/22 to 05/02/22 – THAÏLAND TOUR

05/13/22 – ROME (ITALIE) – Angelo Mai

05/15/22 – FALICON – Crossover Summer

05/22/22 – VITRY – Sur Les Pointes Festival (DJ Set Chinese Man) 

05/28/22 – MARSEILLE – Palais Longchamp (Matteo & Bro Live) 

06/03/22 – RENNES – Flash

06/09/22 – ROSIERES – Loupolo Festival (DJ Set)

08/06/22 – TRELINS – Foreztival (DJ Set)

08/19/22 – BOZOULS – Festa Del Traouc

08/27/22 – LES GETS – Mountain Bike UCI (DJ Set Chinese Man) 

09/17/22 – NOUMEA (NOUVELLE-CALÉDONIE) – Francofolies de Nouméa 

10/20/22 – QUÉBEC (CANADA) – Anti Bar