Where Has The Festival Voice Been This Summer?

August has been a busy month for The Festival Voice and it is only going to get better from here! We’ve covered several festivals and we are looking forward to covering more in the next few months! We will be updating our readers with where you can find us on a regular basis. So where have we been in August? Let’s find out!

Starting August off right, Ellie and Sam covered HARD Summer in California. You can check out Ellie’s recap of this amazing festival here. The duo had a blast working with the team to cover this iconic festival.

Next up, Sam and Shatel covered Das Energi in Salt Lake City. This JUST took place Friday and Saturday, so they do not have a recap article ready quite yet. However, you can expect to see it coming up soon! 

And then this next weekend, we are covering Summer Camp Music Festival! We’re covering this with a fairly large team, Savannah, Anthony, Tanya, and Stewart, so if you see our flag please come say HELLO! As this one hasn’t happened yet, I’ll attach a link for tickets HERE!

More festivals will be coming. You might find our team at festivals that we aren’t officially covering, but these are the festivals we are officially partnering with for August 2021. Where else can you see us? Well, expect to hear more from us in the upcoming months as we’ll be covering more festivals and events now that festival season is in full swing! (Hint- our first September festival will be ARC Festival in Chicago and Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN!)

See everyone out there. We’re so excited that The Festival Voice is back out at festivals!