Imagine Music Festival Is In Your Dreams

It’s Imagine Music Festival this weekend and we’re hyped! Last year, unfortunately, had to be canceled due to weather but everything is looking good for this year’s festival! And we’re super psyched because they’ve just announced the set times for this weekend’s festivities! You can start your weekend this Thursday with an official Ophelia takeover before the rest of the fun happens that weekend.

Don’t forget that there are some epic pool parties in the area too! Those look like a dream, honestly! Pool parties are my favorite! Next up, we’ve got some camping tips and tricks. Be prepared for all different types of weather, as you never know what will happen! This is a list of things that you should think about packing if you are camping, so check it out! And don’t forget to have FUN! Bring those fun outfits and costumes and make your campsite unique! And I’ll tell you, we tried walkie talkies at our last festival and boy, are they worth it! It’s awesome to be able to communicate with all your friends and yes, you can hear them!

Imagine Music Festival looks like it will be a grand time this weekend. Are you going to the fest? If so, have a fun weekend!