The Facts Behind Festival Season 2021

We all have been waiting for this time to come for a while now. Festival Season 2020 was completely cancelled and we were all devastated. However, hope is on the horizon and several festivals have happened in Festival Season 2021. But things are changing rapidly. While we know there will be plenty of people who agree with these policies and plenty of people who disagree, we’re just presenting the facts of what we know right now in one handy article. The Festival Voice isn’t weighing in on the policies, just reporting them so you know what is happening in Festival Season 2021!

Live Nation

First up, Live Nation has decided that everyone attending their events has to be fully vaccinated or provide proof of a negative COVID test before attending. In addition, all employees of Live Nation have to be vaccinated. Every state has different requirements in regards to COVID testing, mask usage, and vaccinations. As a result, Live Nation decided to implement their own policies regarding the pandemic.

Live Nation says of their company:

“Bringing 40,000 shows and 100+ festivals to life and selling 500 million tickets per year is a massive undertaking, made possible by our 44,000 employees worldwide.”

The festivals they cover include Beyond Wonderland, Bonaroo, Made in America, Music Midtown, Governor’s Ball, Austin City Limits, EDC Las Vegas, and tons more. Check the full list for more information. 

AEG Presents

Another huge game player, AEG presents, has also recently announced their own COVID-19 policy. While most festivals and events are allowing either vaccination or a negative test result, AEG has announced that you must be vaccinated to enter their events. However, they know this is a process that takes time so they are not fully implementing this until October 1st. In the meantime, AEG is allowing for either a negative test result or full vaccination. 

This policy in specific is very different than most of the other policies out there. As a result, AEG is getting a lot of pushback on this but here are AEG’s thoughts on getting vaccinated and a statement into their reasoning:

AEG owns festivals such as Buku, Coachella, Decadence, Electric Forest, Firefly Music Festival, Global Dance, and more. You can check a more comprehensive list HERE.

Other Festival News

All Chicago based festivals will implement the same policies as Live Nation, including vaccinations or a negative COVID-19 test. This includes Northcoast, ARC, Riot Fest, and more. 

In addition, certain artists are dropping out. Stevie Nicks is one example of an artist deciding to cancel their shows due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Festivals are working to replace her on lineups. 

There will be more cancellations and information, but currently, we know that The New Orleans Jazz Festival has canceled and we’re hearing rumors that Interstellar Mountain is going to cancel as well. We know more cancellations may come in the future so keep your eyes peeled for more news. We are going to stick with facts from now on when we post COVID-19 information. While we are all human and have our own opinions on the pandemic and vaccines, The Festival Voice wants to just share the facts from now on.