Savannah Rae’s Artist Spotlight: Tritonal

Savannah Rae’s Artist Spotlight: Tritonal

Wow! It sure has been awhile. I had created this thread to share a little bit about some of my favorite artists but took a break because we had so much going on at The Festival Voice including an interview with Dreamtheory (which you can check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) and working on getting our festival survey up and running. This is super important to check out because it will help get festivals back up and running for us all! Please take our survey here!! Recently, I shared some of my favorites including Excision, Seven Lions, and Dash Berlin. But now, I’m going to talk about my next spotlight artist, Tritonal!


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To be honest, I do not remember how I discovered Tritonal and added them to my playlist. I remember the summer when I fell in love with Now or Never, one of their earlier tracks. During summer 2014, I used to blare that track in my car and sing along. Seriously, this was one of my absolute favorite tracks of the summer. 


Seeing Tritonal Live

Since then, Tritonal has become one of my favorite acts. That being said, it has been challenging to see Tritonal live!! I remember they just never came in my area (I live in the Midwest, about 3 hours from Chicago, 4 from Milwaukee, 5 from St. Louis). I tend to hit up the Chicago area for big artists and Iowa City for smaller artists. But Tritonal just wasn’t coming around for the longest time! I think one of my first shows was when Tritonal, Seven Lions, and Kill the Noise collaborated on a tour. This was an amazing tour, especially because I got to see all 3 of those artists! They are all some of my favorites! 

Last year, I got to see them at Lights All Night. This was my favorite set! You’ll have to check out my recap of the night here! I remember dancing along and having the best time! I’m pretty sure Bassnectar (pre-allegations) was playing at the same time and my crew wanted to go see him. But Tritonal is one of my favorites so I decided to stay by myself and meet up with my friends at a specific location later. Never Be The Same was one of my favorite jams and I loved dancing and jumping! Such great memories!!

Tritonal hosts a weekly radio show called Tritonia that I am in love with. I feel as if this has truly strengthened my bond with Tritonal. I love listening to the newest tracks and dancing in my car on the way to work weekly! You can check out this track on Apple Music, Spotify, or Soundcloud for sure. 

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