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TFV Presents: Family Piknik Interview

Family Piknik is coming soon. Grab those tickets for the best family event! Check out our exclusive interview for the event! 1) How do you pick your locations for Piknik? We used to collaborate with Montpellier’s city hall but things have slightly changed since last year, when we started working...

TFV Presents: Breakaway Interview

Breakaway Festival is coming to a city near you! Check out their events in Kansas City, Grand Rapids, Columbus, Charlotte, and Cali! Grab tickets HERE! Check out our exclusive interview with one of the promoters of the event, Zach Ruben!   1) When did you start throwing events? Both Adam...


MOPOP 2022: LETS GET FUNKY Enter Mopop 2022 - an ultimate indie escape. Get ready to escape to Hart Plaza, Detroit to catch all of your favorite artists! Glass Animals, Big Sean, and Jhené Aiko are some big ones to look out for. Aside from that - Girl in Red,...
404 Festival

404 Festival Comes to Celebrate Atlanta

Next month is Atlanta's own 404 Festival at Pullman Yards hosted by the Atlanta Sport and Social Club. A festival named after the area code of the city, this event aims to celebrate all things Atlanta including local artists, vendors, history, fashion, and sports. I love the culture of Atlanta...
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Moon River Festival Sounds Like A Dream!

Moon River Festival has so much you can do! The festival takes place on September 10th and 11th in Chatanooga, Tennesee. Gather all of your festival family for this reunion of over 20+ artists taking place over two days. You'll be dancing on the banks of the Tennesee River in...


Austin, are you ready for this? ILLfest is coming back to Austin for its 5th year. This Labor Day weekend, you can get your dance on with some of electronic music's best hits!  Get ready to WOMP because there are some HEAVY names on this lineup. You'll be headbanging the...