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Tritonal U & Me Tour

Tritonal says, “Keep it Simple, Keep it Honest, Keep it REAL”

  Tritonal has a new album coming out! Tritonal is an EDM music duo from Texas that has been dominating the electronic music scene for the last decade. This year is groundbreaking for them because they are releasing their third studio album that will include 19 tracks. Their new album,...

Kosmic Kingdom’s Medieval Experience

Kosmic Kingdom 2019 It's time for the weekend we've all been waiting for: Kosmic Kingdom 2019! Get ready to be immersed in a truly different type of world, one like you've never experienced before. The legendary KK will be held May 31st-June 1st in Des Moines, Iowa. The festival itself...

Summer Camp 2019 Is Finally Here!

Summer Camp 2019 Is Finally Here Summer Camp is finally here and it's the epic kickoff to the summer. You will enjoy a weekend of music, vibes, and fun. Summer Camp 2019 surely won't disappoint you! This Memorial Day Weekend, SCamp happens in Chillicothe, Illinois, which is near Peoria, Illinois....

Hulaween 2019 Is On!!!

Welcome Back Hulaween It has been a stressful year for both financial partners and fans of Hulaween. Earlier this year, Silver Wrapper a Chicago based company who helped produced Hulaween announced that it would be closing its doors. In case you don't recall, back in March Silver Wrapper stated, “The...
LIB 2019

LIB 2019- A walk through the magic

LIB brings music to the soul, love to the heart and knowledge to the mind. For the week of May 8-13, the Buena Vista Lake was transformed into the Lightning in a Bottle festival in Bakersfield, California. There to capture every moment, our team joined in to explore the expanse...

Don’t Sleep On Franky Nuts

Franky Nuts And Circus Records Do It Again It's time for another banger from Circus Records and the legendary Franky Nuts! The Dutch dubstep DJ is remixing Doctor P's "Something to Believe In" and it is a great one. Thus far, the track has had tons of supports from dubstep...