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Sweetwater 420fest lineup 2022

Sweetwater 420 Festival Debuts a Jammin’ Lineup

One of the best things about Atlanta is our diverse festival scene. We have ragers for the late-night ravers at Imagine, chill tunes for the indie and alternative folks at Shaky Knees, and bangers for the pop fans at Music Midtown. In addition to all these, we also have groovy...
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Seismic Dance Event is Bringing The Heat

Seismic Dance Event is coming up fast! If you're a house or techno fan, prepare to be amazed! The final lineup for this festival is out and it is bringing the heat!!  The festival will be BACK in Austin, Texas at The Concourse Project on November 12-14. And they've struck...
Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 7.29.23 AM

Tis the Spooky Season- RL GRIME HALLOWEEN X

For all my RL Grime fans. Whether you're new and just getting into his music such as his new song with Baauer, "Fallaway", or you've been rocking out to his music since his "Core" and "Tell Me" era. All RL Grime fans know that it's during spooky season when he...

It’s Almost Time For EDC Las Vegas!

It's almost time for Vegas, baby! Who doesn't love EDC Las Vegas? I know everyone has been waiting impatiently for this festival and while things didn't work out the first time, it's almost time to be back in Vegas! Everyone is super psyched for this. EDC Las Vegas takes place...

Womping With The Dinosaurs: Lost Lands 2021

Lost Lands is truly my favorite festival. I mean, I love a ton of other festivals but I'm the dubstep queen. I adore dubstep and so Lost Lands is my perfect festival. I've got to go check out Bass Canyon one of these days, but it's 24 hours away while...
Suwannee Hulaween Announces 2021 Dates

Hulaween is on the Horizon

The best of the best is back this year, and all Hulaweiners are waiting with bated breath. Hulaween is officially on the horizon! This 4-day mystical, magical fest is one of the staples of the Southeastern scene and was very dearly missed last year while the great festival drought was...