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Get Out On The Dancefloor And MOVE YA BODY

Groove Armada share new single “Get Out on The Dancefloor” featuring Nick Littlemore (Empire Of The Sun, Pnau)   Their first new album in a decade to follow later this year. With three UK Top 10 hits, three Grammy nominations and a succession of hits such as ‘Superstylin’’, ‘Song 4...
Show Me The Blueprints

Days N’ Daze Interview With Whitney And Jesse

Days N' Daze, a band from Houston that performs folk-punk, gave me the chance to interview them on Zoom to sit down and talk about interpersonal relationships, music, and other real-life issues. I was allowed to chat with lead singers Whitney Flynn and Jesse Sandejas along with my best friends...

Farius Releases New Single, ‘Cloud 9’

Farius x Enhanced Progressive Debut Studio Album 'From The Start' New album single "Cloud 9 Ft. Clara Sofie" out now! Album Pre-Order HERE Support “Cloud 9” on all platforms HERE Get your ears ready ladies and gentlemen, for this incredible dynamic prog trance album by Farius. This album will be...

A Friendship Found When I Needed One Most

A Moment In Time It almost seems too perfect to exist, an atmosphere seamlessly sculpted by the rhythm of the soul. A place where creativity, love, and wonder cascade together to form an entirely new world. A world that, for this moment, is as temporary as it is eternal. For...

My First Festival: The Legendary EDC Chicago

My First Festival: EDC Chicago   I remember my first concert pretty well. After that, I was hooked into this culture and couldn't wait to experience more of it. A few of my buddies had previously gone to Electric Forest, so of course, we had that on our list for...
atx tv

Celebrate Festival Season Online!

Let's Celebrate Festival Season Online Together!  Celebrate Festival Season - Now Streaming   Things seem bleak, and I couldn’t agree more. Events are canceled, people are dying, the world has essentially… stopped. But you know what this is really bringing? Change. So much change. We are finally allowing ourselves to...