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First Edition Of New Tomorrowland Festival In The French Alps Announced

Most festival aficionados have heard about Tomorrowland before: a legendary EDM festival taking place in the small town of Boom, Belgium every July. Many consider attending this event one of their life goals, and for good reason: always boasting a line-up filled with popular DJs from Belgium and the rest...

Phoenix Lights: An Unworldly Encounter

  Are You Ready To Encounter The Phoenix Lights? Phoenix Lights is coming up fast and the crowd ahead is getting excited. We have a stacked lineup headed our way in gorgeous Phoenix, Arizona where the sun burns hot and the people run wild. With a wide range from the...

Slander’s New Track Happy Now Is Finally Out

  Do you remember the last time you fell in love and it fell apart? Did you allow that person to move on? Did the nostalgia of what used to make you want to turn back? This new, vocal track by Slander will not only move you, but it can...

HTID Recap: Celebrating Unity & Uniqueness At 170 BPM

Numerous ravers were delighted when popular happy hardcore event promoter HTID announced its return to the United States after a 2-year-long absence, during which many wondered if an event of that scale would ever even grace the West Coast again. But the wait was worth it. Boasting what would be...
Underground Cover

Underground Raves: The Birthplace Of Dance Culture

It’s A Saturday Evening... You’ve been looking forward to this underground rave for weeks. You’re all dressed up in your rave gear, you have all your kandi on, and you have plenty of glow sticks. All your flow toys are charged up and ready to melt faces. Your Camelbak is...

Armin Van Buuren Lights Up Amsterdam

Armin Van Buuren Lights Up Amsterdam With The Biggest Show in His Iconic 20-Year Career Armin Van Buuren’s The Best of Armin Only 20th-anniversary concert was the premier event in the Netherlands this past Summer 2017. More than 100,000 people from every corner of the globe congregated in Amsterdam to...