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Are Car Raves the Future In A Post-Pandemic World?

Are Car Raves The Future? We all have probably heard about the infamous car raves that have been taking place all over the world. Currently, I don't believe there are any concerts that are happening anywhere due to restrictions from COVID-19. It is a sad, sad day indeed. However, many...
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From The Start With Farius on Enhanced

Enhanced Progressive protege Farius shares debut album From The Start   Enhanced Progressive is delighted to present From The Start, the debut album from Farius! Farius is a name I've been hearing a lot lately. You won't want to sleep on this one!   Adam Turner AKA Farius is one of...
Francis On My Mind - NeverBe The Same (single cover)

It’ll Never Be The Same After Francis On My Mind

Evocative new teenage artist Francis On My Mind releases her second single “Never Be The Same”  'Francis On My Mind is a name you’d best familiarize yourself with.' -Idolator   Get ready for an evocative and stunning release, For her second release, “Never Be the Same,” 16 year old Romanian electro...
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Something2me and New Days are Ahead!

Jordin Post makes Anjunabeats debut with ‘Something2me / New Days’ I am a huge Juventa fan- so this release is right up my alley! Formerly known as Juventa, Amsterdam based producer Jordin Post marks two milestones today: his first original release on Anjunabeats with Something2me / New Days and his...

Nice To See You Again with The Arcturians

The Arcturians release five-track debut EP “Nice To See You Again” Get ready for an insane debut EP! ‘Nice To See You Again’ is the debut EP from Canadian band, The Arcturians. The five-track release showcases the group’s futuristic dubstep including collaborations with the likes of Clockvice, JOOL, Whales, and...
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Share Your Visions with Magdelena and Brlee

MAGDALENA RELEASES REMIX OF BRLEE’S FORTHCOMING ALBUM TRACK, ‘VISIONS’ Magdelena is a Hamburg electronic artist and the figure-head behind one of Ibiza’s widely popular event series. Finally, Magdalena unveils her new remix of Brlee’s ‘Visions’.   The track is arguably one of the Slovenian artist’s most renowned tracks. Brlee originally...