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Aspen, CO - January 28, 2017 - Buttermilk Mountain: The Chainsmokers performing at X Games Aspen 2017
(Photo by Dave Camara / ESPN Images)

Winter Sports Fests: More than just sick tricks!

I’m sure we all have several different interests such as sports and other hobbies we do in our spare time.  For us here in Colorado, including myself, most of us have a huge passion for skiing and snowboarding. Why not blend festivals, adrenaline pumped snow sports, dope art, unique brands,...

Buku Lineup 2019 Has Everyone Talking

Buku Lineup 2019 Well, it’s that time of year where festival goers start planning which fests they’ll hit up in 2019. For many of us, the lineup definitely helps us decide. That is until we see that everyone has a killer lineup! Yesterday Buku dropped their 8th-year lineup, among those...
Bonnaroo 2019

What’s New Bonnaroo

What’s New Bonnaroo?  Roo symbol We all have that one festival that’s home to us. For me, that festival is Bonnaroo. Words cannot describe the thrill of packing up my car and beginning that 9-hour journey. Nestled on a beautiful 700-acre farm in Manchester, TN this...

Snails Is Celebrating Seven Days Sober

Frédérik Durand, aka Snails, is a dubstep DJ originally from Quebec, Canada. Fred posted a status last Sunday declaring 7 days without alcohol. The electronic music industry is constantly put under scrutiny for partying and this shows that you can still have fun without drinking. I think back to Holy...
Climate Change

Climate Change is Literally Killing The Party

Crazy storms, canceled festivals, and homeless ravers: Climate Change is killing the party. Climate Change is without a doubt the most pressing issue of our time. Carbon output is at an all time high, the rate of severe weather irregularities continues to soar, and just recently the United Nations released...
Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.34.09 PM

Decadence Colorado: The Rocky’s Biggest NYE Celebration

Are you still trying to decide what to do for New Years? Well, look no further than Decadence. Decadence is returning to Colorado the 30th & 31st with a vengeance this New Years. Put on by Global Dance, LiveNation, and AEG Live, it will be the fifth year Colorado has gotten...