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Ready to Join The Pinknic???

*PINKNIC*  Festivals are back, back, back!!! We've had a long year away! Now, Pinknic, New York City’s biggest annual summer picnic, rosé, and music festival returns this Labor Day Weekend!! The event will include two days of spectacular food, drinks, and entertainment to celebrate its five-year anniversary. YAY!   The...

The Sad Boys Have Changed My Life

The Sad Boys If you have been a part of the EDM community for the last couple of years, then you will know of the group of artists known collectively as “the sad boys”. They are a collection of artists whose music heavily covers themes of love, heartbreak, moving on...
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June 11th and The Drops Of The Week

Every time I write the date for this post, I'm shocked at the date. How did this happen? How is it June 11th? Anyway, we're coming at you with the hottest drops of the week! Tune into The Festival Voice for more hot tunes! Wateva- Headlights Feat. Stefan Headlights” was...

CircoLoco Touches Down in The US!

CircoLoco Touches Down In North America For US Tour CircoLoco is breaking new ground in 2021. For real, they are on fire! The revered party just announced the launch of its record label, CircoLoco Records, and is now revealing its first overseas tour dates after a year-long hiatus. Ready to...

Vujaday Music Festival Returns To Barbados

Vujaday Music Festival Returns to Barbados! I don't know about you, but I could use a tropical vacation right now. Vujaday Music Festival is one of the Caribbean's most authentic destination festivals! The festival has announced its return to the idyllic shores of Barbados! Vujaday offers a curated getaway for...

BUKU: Planet B is a One Time Event

BUKU Music + Art Project Reveals Lineup for BUKU: Planet B Ready to take part in a once in a lifetime event? Well, get ready, because BUKU Music + Art Project, New Orleans’s premier multi-faceted boutique music festival, announced the lineup for BUKU: Planet B! This will be a one-time-only...