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Electric Forest 2022: Recap. This past week I attended Electric Forest for the first time. This festival was located in Rothbury, Michigan from June 22nd-June 27th. It was almost an entire week of music, friends, and incredible vibes. I arrived at the festival on the 22nd, which is an extra...

Let’s Talk Project Z and That BASS.

Let's Talk BASS. Any EDM lover knows there are so many genres within this scene. Take bass for example. We have Basshouse, Bassline, Drum n Bass, Future Bass, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, and many many others. But there are two genres that stand out and have taken over the Bass EDM...

We’re Heading Into Global Dance Week!

Guess what, fam? It's going down with Global Dance this next weekend! We're only 7 days out (July 15th and 16th) and I'm looking forward to a good time. I've never been to Global, but I've been to Decadence and it's a good time! The same company runs Decadence as...
Midas Touch 2

Akriza Will Bring The Midas Touch!

Are you ready for the bass??? Recently, Akriza graced us with Midas Touch, and boy, was it something! The song was so hot that Spotify featured it on their Sub Low Spotify Editorial playlist, which helped it get tons of traction. The song itself was inspired by the ancient myth,...
Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 2.28.29 PM

Sacred Rose Artist of the Week #4: goose

Are you ready for the inaugural Sacred Rose Festival in Chicago? We're here to hype you up about Sacred Rose with our Artist of the Week Feature! Only 7 weeks until we are heading to Sacred Rose! Today's Artist of the Week is the one and only goose. Learn more...
unnamed (11)

July 3rd Weekly Roundup Feature

Hey hey! Changes for today- everything will be alphabetical, no longer by label! We are doing this so we can highlight some of our favorite tracks and artists at the top. Take a look at some of the best tracks on the list at the top! We're taking special time...