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Shaky Knees is Ready to Rock Out!

Shaky Knees is Ready to Rock Out Shaky Knees is back! Like everybody else, this iconic Atlanta, GA rock festival took a break in 2020, but they’re giving us the goods for their grand return in 2021. The festival boasts over 60 artists from huge headlining names to rising stars...

Magic in The Sky is Giving Back 10% of Ticket Sales!!!

Magic in the Sky is going to be epic. This show is now one. week. away!!!!! If you remember, this is The Festival Voice's first show, taking place in Las Vegas!!! You can check out the Facebook event HERE or our other posts on the subject HERE!! Ticket sales have...
Photo by <a href="">Mercedes Mehling</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Pride in EDM’s Queer Past and Future

Pride in EDM's Queer Past and Future  EDM is undeniably a product of the disco dancefloor. From the 1960s and 70s came a culture that built turntables and made records one sample at a time. Black producers put on live shows and built entire communities around their music.  Artists would...
Friz of Soul Press Shot 3

June 25th Tracks of The Week

We are flying through June! We've been so busy here at The Festival Voice!! We've been prepping for our show, Magic in the Sky!!  You can check out all of the details HERE! In the meantime, enjoy these tracks, albums, and NFTs, out now on June 25th! Paul Oakenfold- Magna...

Our First Show’s Lineup is Finally HERE!

Our first show (Magic in the Sky) has finally released the lineup! We've been hard at work trying to get an amazing experience ready for you and to be honest, it hasn't been easy. We've been working hard to get things solidified with our headliner (who has been AMAZING to...
Credit to Viberate.

The Lockdown Winners of Spotify

So I want to start by prefacing that all this information comes from Viberate, a great company who can help with all things music related! They looked into Spotify data analytics and found the top six genres, followed by the top 5 artists in each genre. We'll cover all the...