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Special Items That Hold A Special Place In My Heart

Special Items That Hold A Special Place In My Heart So everyone has gone to a festival and gotten some really great things from other people, right? I have gotten so many special items from others. While they are not very costly, I remember vividly where I got each of...
Indira 1

Welcome To The Jungle with Indira Paganotto

INDIRA PAGANOTTO DEBUTS ON OFF RECORDINGS WITH MAMMOTH ‘JUNGLE’ EP Welcome to the jungle! Indira Paganotto has been busy lately. For example, she has been gearing up to launch her brand new label Phase Insane in February. This is in addition to releasing a slew of critically acclaimed tracks. Octopus...
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Storm Queen Waited 8 Years ‘For A Fool’

STORM QUEEN FOLLOWS UP HIT RELEASE ‘LOOK RIGHT THROUGH’ WITH FIRST TRACK IN 8 YEARS: FOR A FOOL It's been 8 long years. Sadly, Storm Queen releases have been few and far between. However, all these releases contain that secret ingredient that take underground dance music tracks and turns them...
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Yuksek Announces New Alias: Destiino

FRENCH ELECTRONIC PRODUCER YUKSEK ANNOUNCES NEW ALIAS, DESTIINO   We're all for new aliases that are fun and exciting! People know French electronic producer Pierre-Alexandre Busson as Yuksek. However, now he reveals the first details of his new alias, Destiino. Sharing the inaugural taster of the project, Destiino’s debut single, ‘Afsila’ is out now via Chloé's...

Relentless Beats Presents Heartbreakers

RELENTLESS BEATS PRESENTS HEARTBREAKERS, THE FIRST POD CONCERT EXPERIENCE OF THE YEAR   Okay, I don't know about you... but I'm needing some live music in my life! Relentless Beats set the standard for what live music could be in a COVID-era world with their pod concerts! These socially distanced...

Martin Garrix & Tove Lo Will Put You Under Pressure

Martin Garrix & Tove Lo release 'Pressure' Who doesn't love a Garrix track? Mix that with Tove Lo and you've got a match made in heaven. Martin Garrix has kept his fans full of anticipation while waiting for his new single. The time has finally come and we couldn't be...