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Another me

Seven Lions, Excision, & Wooli Release a Legendary Collab

Seven Lions, Excision & Wooli release an unforgettable collab  “Another Me” with Dylan Matthew   Out now on Ophelia Records Support on all platforms HERE   What happens when some of the most legendary producers join together to form an electronic dream team? The answer is in the music. Seven...

Summer Meltdown 2019- We’ve Officially Melted

The Summer Meltdown Experience Summer Meltdown 2019 was truly one of the most unexpectedly incredible festivals I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Nestled deep in the Cascade Mountains in Darrington, Washington is a hidden gem that comes alive each summer at the Bluegrass Music Park. With this being its 19th...

Local Shows

The Magic of Local Shows EDM has grown exponentially recently that sometimes it is easy to forget that there is more than the mainstream festivals and events. Those events are a ton of fun. It’s easy to get lost in the magic that is created at a concert or a...

How To Be More Eco-Friendly At A Festival

The Challenges of Being Eco-Friendly *Please note- we put affiliate links in. If you choose to purchase, we receive a small portion of the amount sent. Thanks for helping us pay our team members fair wages! It can definitely be a challenge being eco-friendly at a music festival. I mean,...
tanya-summer meltdown2

Summer Meltdown 2019 Is Only Two Weeks Away!

Summer Meltdown 2019 is the place where the music meets the mountains! Nestled deep in the Cascade Mountains, Summer Meltdown 2019 is about to take over the hills of Darrington, Washington. For 4 days in August, the 1st-4th, the team will hold its 14th installment at the foothills of Whitehorse...

Summer Meltdown 2019- Where The Music Meets The Mountain!

Summer Meltdowns' iconic meld of music and mountains is a must! Surrounded by lush forests, Summer Meltdown 2019 is gearing up to bring another unforgettable festival experience to central Washington. The annual festival will take place from August 1st to the 4th, at the foot of the Whitehorse Mountain in...