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Fade to Black with Cookie Monsta

Cookie Monsta is back with his Fade To Black EP Calling all headbangers! Get ready for the Fade to Black EP that'll knock your socks off. After a break earlier this year from releasing and touring, the mighty Cookie Monsta returns to Circus Records with the five-track, Fade To Black...
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Check Out These Remixes of Cult Classic, Same.

SMITH & MIGHTY RELEASE REMIX COLLECTION OF ICONIC TRACK ‘SAME’ Tricky is a man we've been hearing a lot about lately! Check out our article on Tricky's latest hit, Makes Me Wonder here. The man owns the label, 'False Idols.' Recently, False Idols released an EP of remixes of the...
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Ex Nihilo Explores The Story of Our World

Oceanvs Orientalis Announces 'Ex Nihilo' Oceanvs Orientalis is getting ready to drop the new album 'Ex Nihilo.' In the album, Oceanvs Orientalis charts the creation of the universe through the initial stages of animal life on Earth. The song, 'Age of Anima', shares the events of the dinosaurs through the...

‘Makes Me Wonder’ is Tricky’s Latest Hit

TRICKY RELEASES STRIKING VIDEO FOR ‘MAKES ME WONDER’  Get ready for a beautiful track with gorgeous vocals. Tricky just released the beautiful and intimate video for the song ‘Makes Me Wonder.' The delicate and reflective song features his mesmerizing touring vocalist Marta, from Poland. The 'Test of Time' compilation was...

Check Out Eva Swan and her Debut EP

Eva Swan Unveils Debut EP Eva Swan is ready to share her latest EP with the world! In addition to sharing her music, her songs share tones about feminism and equality. Hailing from Belgium, the DJ, producer, model and fashion enthusiast has paved her own way thus far. Eva learned...

Top 9 New Year’s Eve Festivals of 2019!

NYE Festivals Are Coming Up Fast! With Thanksgiving finally over, many of you may be wondering how to end your 2019 year and where to ring in the New Year this year. Nowadays it seems like there are more and more options when it comes to NYE festivals and it...