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From First To Last: They’re Back!

Most of us know who Skrillex is, but do you know who Skrillex was before he was Skrillex?  If you are an ex or current scene, emo, or post hardcore metal fan, you probably do.  Skrillex's name is actually Sonny Moore, and he was the lead vocalist for a prominent...
Bonnaroo 2019

What’s New Roo Vol 3

What's New Roo Vol 3 We are officially only 101 days away from one of the best festivals in the US! That’s right, Bonnaroo will be here before we know it. As Roo releases new information and updates, we can’t help but get excited. Check out What's New Roo Vol...

Synthesis: Washington DC’s Underground Dance Movement

Synthesis: Washington DC's Underground Dance Music Movement Synthesis is a dedicated group of music lovers that brings Trance and Progressive music to the DMV area. The event host company was founded by Matt Spencer, Tavo Marquez, Ricky Sarmiento, Will Carder, Thong Le, and Justin Chang. From club events to secret...
Frankie Bones PLUR

Frankie Bones: The Godfather Of PLUR & The EDM Scene

Frankie Bones is a living legend and needs no introduction. His name is known and spoken by ravers old and new from coast to coast. But if you don't know Frankie Bones yet, you should know that he is one of the grandfathers of the modern rave movement, an OG Techno producer/DJ...

3 AM Rebound: The KEY To Lasting 3 Days At A Festival

3 AM Rebound Lets You Party Hard All 3 Nights Of The Festival!!! Scrolling through Facebook, and of course, I come across an ad-like promotion stating “Win a VIP pass to any music festival of your choice. To enter the contest, comment 'Win'. We will inform you through messenger more...

Insomniac’s Crush Brings The Love To Dallas TX

Crush is an Insomniac festival that comes around every year for the lover's holiday Valentine's Day.  Crush originally started in Phoenix, Arizona in 2009, and they have expanded to several different states such as Colorado, California, and Texas!  This year we were fortunate to have our team attend Crush in...