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Sunset Music Festival Lineup Surprises Everyone!

Sunset Music Festival 2019 Lineup It’s the beginning of the year and that means festival lineups have been dropping left and right! Today Sunset Music Festival (SMF) taking place in Tampa, Florida May 25th and 26th announced their initial lineup. Redemption from 2018 Some of you may remember the extreme...

Decadence 2018: Eight Years Strong

Have you ever wanted to rave for two days at the beautiful Colorado Convention Center? Well, look no further than the Global Dance, AEG, and Live Nation event: Decadence. This festival returned for its fifth year during the weekend of December 31- January 1. Artists and attendees from all over...

Ubbi Dubbi was a Bear… Grillz – Phase 2 Lineup

  Fresh off the massive success of Freaky Deaky, Disco Donnie Presents looks to lay down a new line of EDM legacy with yet another inaugural festival, this one dubbed Ubbi Dubbi. If you missed the first phase of this lineup, you should sit down and try not to take...
Shaky Beats

Shaky Beats Releases Their 2019 Lineup

2019 has been full of lineup announcements and the much anticipated Shaky Beats Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia! has finally released theirs! Central Park in Atlanta has always been home to some of the most outstanding acts to date, and this lineup is not something you’re not gonna want to miss! Acts...

Crush Arizona Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Crush Arizona Returns For Its 10th Installment Anniversaries are always a special time held near and dear in our hearts as a time to celebrate! This year marks the 10th anniversary for Crush Arizona brought to you by Relentless Beats in partnership with Insomniac Events. The event is to be...
Bonnaroo 2019

Bonnaroo 2019 Lineup

What's New Bonnaroo:  Volume 2: The Lineup  Well, the wait is officially over! Why? Because after months of potential leaked lineups and Roo Clues, today Bonnaroo announced their 2019 lineup.  Here’s what Bonnaroovians had to say about the lineup… Bonnaroo for the win. Easily better than Coachella, Firefly, or Governor's...