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2021: My EDC Las Vegas Review

EDC Las Vegas 2021 Review EDC Las Vegas 2021 Review By Stewart Sankey        Posted 11/8/2021 Cover photo by author All are welcome back. As I stepped off the shuttle outside the entrance grounds it finally hit me: it had been 18 months since I had last been here. It reminded...
Photo Credits: Escape's Facebook Page

My Spooky Time at Escape Psycho Circus

Welcome back to real life! Who would've thought that most of us could survive EDC AND Escape Psycho Circus back to back?! There was a time when I could.  Now that my body is withered and wary from all my previous festivals, doing two festivals two weekends in a row...

The Tragedy at Astroworld

I find articles like this to be very challenging to write. When I have to write about tragedy, such as what happened at Astroworld this weekend, I struggle to put the words to paper. It reminds me of when people died at Faster Horses. That being said, I'm going to...
Photo Credit: Jose Murga

My Experience Under the Electric Sky

Man, oh, man. Now that it has been two weeks since EDC and a week since Escape, I feel that I have finally decompressed and can write about my experiences. Now to say, I think having two back-to-back festivals is a horrible, horrible idea for me. I didn't even have...
GETGET - thinking right

November 6th Weekly Roundup Feature

Happy November 6th! I hope you had an excellent Halloween weekend and are looking forward to the upcoming holidays. The majority of our audience is in the United States, so happy Turkey month to all of you! Keep it locked in with The Festival Voice for your latest music news....
Decadence 2019 Day 1 | Photos by

Decadence AZ Reveals Jaw Dropping Lineup!

New Year is coming up and there are so many New Years' Eve shows and festivals all across the U.S. From Countdown to Lights All Night, to the new show in my home city of Seattle, Abduction. But the festival that has really caught my interest is Decadence Arizona. Decadence...