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New COVID Restrictions at Festivals Are Coming!

I know that not everyone wants to hear this news, but festivals will be implementing new COVID-19 restrictions very soon. Lollapalooza was this past weekend and just two days before the festival, they announced that you had to be fully vaccinated or get tested before the festival. You can check...
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Take a Party Flight to Croatia for Amnesia!!

If you are going to Amnesia’s 7-Day Croatia Takeover, you may want to take a flight from England to Croatia which may be the craziest flight you will ever have. Who wants a party flight??? Sounds like a crazy good time! Promoters from Ibiza Underground Movement will be holding a...
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Radio vs. Streaming- Who Will Win the Battle?

We're here to share an epic battle- Streaming Vs. Radio Airplay. Who will win? You can download and view this report yourself at Viberate's website. Viberate compiles great data on artists such as genre streams and the economic impact of COVID on the music industry. In addition, Viberate has tons...
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Who Are The Top 40 Streaming DJs???

Clubbing TV unveils its 2021 Top 40 Live Streaming DJs Ready to know the Top 40 Live Streaming DJs?? Well, get ready because The First international TV dedicated to DJs and club culture is unveiling its 2021 Top 40 Live Streaming DJs. You'll see some superstar DJs and upcoming new...
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Diplo Brings You To Higher Ground in Cabo

Diplo is Going To Take You to Higher Ground Ready to party in Cabo! Grammy-winning electronic producer and Mad Decent boss Diplo is ready to take you to Higher Ground. The debut of Diplo’s Higher Ground Cabo Weekender in partnership with leading travel experience company Pollen Presents, who brings us...
Taken from BW's website.

Take Yourself Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge

Ready to go to a place of pure imagination? Beyond Wonderland will do that for you. Insomniac presents: Beyond Wonderland. The festival itself will take place October 1st and 2nd at The Gorge. The event is 18+.  Taken from BW's Website. The lineup for Beyond Wonderland...