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Stream of Consciousness by Spencer Brown

Spencer Brown Announces New Mix Album ‘Stream of Consciousness’ Firstly, about 18 months ago, Spencer Brown released his debut LP, ‘Illusion Of Perfection’. Spencer Brown, who comes from San Francisco, just announced a new mix album on Anjunabeats: ‘Stream of Consciousness’. Most importantly, pre-order ‘Stream of Consciousness’ here! In this...

Electric Forest Surprises Us With a Magical Lineup!

Get ready for the incredible Electric Forest Lineup for Their 10th anniversary in Rothbury, Michigan. The Electric Forest Lineup is here!! Join us this June from the 25th-28th for the epic Electric Forest Lineup! This year will feature the headliners Flume, Bassnectar, and of course - The String Cheese Incident. Not...
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Discover Life Forms with Dualist Inquiry

Dualist Inquiry and Life Forms Over the last ten years, Dualist Inquiry has risen from a studious music producer to headliner on every major stage in India. He recently released his EP called 'Life Forms'. The people call him the pioneer of new wave Indian electronica. His music contains an...
ANJ590D Golden Girls - Kinetic - Genix and Orbital Mixes

Rave Classic Kinetic is Remixed By Genix

Genix Remixes Golden Girls 1992 Rave Classic ‘Kinetic’ Golden Girls is the iconic side project of Orbital’s Paul and Phil Hartnoll with Mike Hazell. Genix will be remixing the epic classic Kinetic, which was released in 1992. The new remix will be featured on Anjunabeats Worldwide 09 and will be...

Fade to Black with Cookie Monsta

Cookie Monsta is back with his Fade To Black EP Calling all headbangers! Get ready for the Fade to Black EP that'll knock your socks off. After a break earlier this year from releasing and touring, the mighty Cookie Monsta returns to Circus Records with the five-track, Fade To Black...
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Check Out These Remixes of Cult Classic, Same.

SMITH & MIGHTY RELEASE REMIX COLLECTION OF ICONIC TRACK ‘SAME’ Tricky is a man we've been hearing a lot about lately! Check out our article on Tricky's latest hit, Makes Me Wonder here. The man owns the label, 'False Idols.' Recently, False Idols released an EP of remixes of the...