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Lycoriscoris Announce Chiyu and Shizumu

Lycoriscoris Announces His New Album ‘Chiyu’ Will Be Released on Anjunadeep on March 26  Be ready to be transported into a serene landscape, just waiting to be discovered. Japanese artist Yunosuke Senoo, aka Lycoriscoris, returns to Anjunadeep. Now, he's released his new announcement of his upcoming album 'Chiyu', out March...
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No Limits Gets Reworked By Danny Krivit

EVOKING THAT ORIGINAL SOULFUL HOUSE SOUND DTR PROJECT RELEASES THE AUTHENTIC ‘NO LIMITS’ Are you ready to reach your limit? The new record, No Limits, is already causing a ton of commotion with your favorite house circles. Since 2019, the record has been bouncing around the scene. Many tastemakers chose...

Barkley Will Help You Bask In The Afterglow

BARKLEY AND MAGGIE SZABO UNVEIL DEBUT COLLABORATION ‘AFTERGLOW’ Sirup Music has seen some epic critically acclaimed releases recently. For instance, this includes Can’t Take It, Underwater, Last Chance, and Supernatural. Now, Barkley is releasing his stunning single, Afterglow. Sirup Music is taking us to new levels! The track is out now. Afterglow has Barkley...
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DJ International is Ready To Share Movement Three

DJ INTERNATIONAL THE ICONIC CHICAGO HOUSE MUSIC LABEL RELEASES NEXT SINGLE FROM THEIR FORTHCOMING JACKMASTER 7 COMPILATION: MOVEMENT THREE DJ International is ready to present the next release Jackmaster 7 Compilation. The iconic house music DJ is a Chicago native is a fresh electronic producer. Movement Three is the latest release, ready to...

Ameli Paul Releases Beyond Reason

AMELI PAUL RELEASE BEYOND REASON EP ON NEWLY-FORMED IMPRINT ‘MEIOSIS’ Ameli Paul has been busy lately. They have just now unveiled their beautiful new EP, Beyond Reason. MEIOSIS, the newly created label, is responsible for gracing us with this epic new EP. Beyond Reason is a melancholic trip for all...

CloZee Curates Her Own Compilation, Emergence

CloZee Curates Her Own Compilation, Emergence Who is ready for a mix that will blow your mind! CloZee curated her very first compilation mix for us, Emergence. She is ready to help raise up the next generation of artists. She does so by working with Gravitas Recordings. As a result,...