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ARC Music Festival’s Lineup is Complete!!

ARC Music Festival Completes Lineup for Debut September 4-5 2021 in Chicago’s Union Park Chicago!! Are you ready for ARC Music Festival?? Today ARC Music Festival has announced the complete lineup for its Labor Day Weekend 2021 debut. This up-and-coming festival is anticipated to be the new crown jewel of...

The Peach Music Festival Sure Is A Peach!

The Peach Music Festival Is A Peach The Peach Music Festival is back this year from July 1st until Independence Day in Scranton, PA. Housed at the Pavilion at Montage Mountain, this festival brings the best jam bands, funk artists, and fireworks each and every night. This Live Nation festival...
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BSH Island Announces Their Full Lineup!!

BSH Island Announces Full Line up as Croatia Drops all Travel and Event Restrictions on July 1st Who is ready for one of the events of the season? Well, the long wait is nearly over and the final countdown can begin to this year's much anticipated, bigger than ever BSH...

Social Anxiety and The Live Music Cure

Social Anxiety and Live Music For those that suffer from social anxiety, music festivals seem like such a big hassle. There are tens of thousands of people all crowded around a couple of stages, with a lot of people in various phases of intoxication. Some individuals may be acting a...

Global Dance Festival is Coming Back for 2021!

Global Dance Festival is Coming Back! Who is ready to dance? Global Dance is coming back to Colorado! You can expect this great festival to be back on July 23rd and 24th, taking place at Empower Field in the legendary Denver! That's only 32 days away!!! Do you already have...
1. Doof Shed _Harry Nathan _ Boonie _ Main Press1 _ photo by Wesley Tan

Guinness World Records: World’s Smallest Nightclub

 Sydney twins set GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for World’s Smallest Mobile Nightclub The world's smallest nightclub is here: ‘Doof Shed’ is 1.53m x 0.74m x 1.88m (for you Americans this approximately is 5 ft x 2.4 ft x 6.2). The project is the brainchild of Australian twins Harry Nathan Labrakis...