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Staying Connected to the EDM Scene in 2020

I think everyone is struggling to stay connected in this crazy time. I feel so strange because I haven't been to a real concert in months. I went to a drive in, but it just wasn't the same. This pandemic is crazy, that is for sure!! To stay up to...

Erik Buschmann Brings The Heat with 1V1

ERIK BUSCHMANN RETURNS TO REFLEKTOR RECORDS WITH BREATHTAKING 1V1 EP Erik Buschmann is ready to rock the last month of 2020! Recently, he released the critically acclaimed inaugural single ‘All Related’. Amsterdam-based ambient-electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist Erik Buschmann now looks to see off 2020 in an emphatic fashion. Now, announces...
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Split 7 with Andrew Paley and Days N Daze

Andrew Paley releases new video and announces Split 7 with Days N Daze In the course of the release of his new album "Scattered Light", singer / songwriter Andrew Paley has created a generative art project. Andrew used the help of a self-created artificial intelligence. This functions as a new...
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Mat Zo Embarks On A Minecraft Festival!

Mat Zo embarks on a state-of-the-art album tour of virtual space via the Minecraft video game platform Stratosfest was the next-level Minecraft music event that Mat Zo spearheaded. He continues to reaffirm his status as one of dance music’s most forward-thinking iconoclasts by launching an ambitious five-date virtual tour celebrating the...
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St. Lundi Reworked To Die For

St. Lundi releases his acoustic reworking of Kygo collaboration ‘To Die For’ After one hit single in 2020, St. Lundi has gone on to release a debut EP ‘Heavy Words’, as well as collaborating with Norwegian streaming mega-stars - Kygo and Seeb. November 20th saw the release of his own acoustic rework...

What Will Music Festivals in 2021 Look Like?

Well, here we are, at the end of November with no end to this pandemic in sight. This makes me question the future of festivals this summer. While I want to be optimistic, I think summer 2021 is not going to be our typical festival season that we are all...