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tanya-summer meltdown2

Summer Meltdown 2019 Is Only Two Weeks Away!

Summer Meltdown 2019 is the place where the music meets the mountains! Nestled deep in the Cascade Mountains, Summer Meltdown 2019 is about to take over the hills of Darrington, Washington. For 4 days in August, the 1st-4th, the team will hold its 14th installment at the foothills of Whitehorse...

Summer Meltdown 2019- Where The Music Meets The Mountain!

Summer Meltdowns' iconic meld of music and mountains is a must! Surrounded by lush forests, Summer Meltdown 2019 is gearing up to bring another unforgettable festival experience to central Washington. The annual festival will take place from August 1st to the 4th, at the foot of the Whitehorse Mountain in...

How To Deal With Scheduling Conflicts At A Festival

How to Deal With Scheduling Conflicts You've been waiting for the lineup to this festival forever but then.... wait, two of your favorite artists are at the same time??? What should you do with this and other scheduling conflicts? While at a festival, you may have the entire thing planned...

Using Brain Waves To Make Music

Making Music with Brain Waves This weekend I stumbled upon one of the coolest things I had ever come upon. I found a workshop where the composer was making music with his brain waves. I'm serious here! Jason Snell, or Bombardier as he is often called, was presenting his radical...

Collective Energy Reading for Electric Forest

Electric Forest is a place of love, growth, connections, and discovering who we are. It is important to know that energy is all around us guiding us and protecting us and helping us find our true path. The forest is the best place to reconnect with nature and the one...
Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.53.27 AM

Mandala Festival: A Beautiful Getaway

What: Mandala Festival in Wanroij, Netherlands When: June 27th - June 30th Are you ready to escape into a place of the unknown? A place where tribes come together to celebrate their culture? Somewhere where you can decide to get lost in the forest or sunbathe on the beach? Get...