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Oliver Heldens Shares Winners Of Athena Contest!

OLIVER HELDENS & OCTOPUS RECORDINGS UNVEIL FIVE-PART REMIX EP FOR HI-LO – ATHENA Okay, we mentioned a while back that Oliver Heldens and Octopus Recordings was providing a remix competition of the track Athena. Now, he's ready to announce those winners! Athena was a huge hit from HI-LO, coming at...
Noemi Black

Follow Your Dreams With Noemi Black

NOEMI BLACK RETURNS TO TECHNICAL VIBE WITH ‘FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS’ EP This new EP will inspire you to Follow Your Dreams!Noemi Black has been one busy person! She's recently released tracks on Substeal Records, Black Vision, Dolma Red, Prospect Records, Eclipse Recordings, and Black Nemesis Records over the past twelve...
unnamed (2)

Pull Up To This Epic New Music Video

GANGSTA BOO & YOUNG M.A JOIN NOCTURNAL SUNSHINE ON “PULL UP’S ANIMATED VIDEO  Nocturnal Sunshine has been busy establishing her musical identity over the past few years. Now, Maya Jane Coles, better known as Nocturnal Sunshine has been combining her love of hip hop with her traditional Nocturnal Sunshine Sounds....


POPOF RETURNS TO FORM MUSIC WITH SKYLIGHTER EP Last September was a big month for POPOF. He released his huge Dance Escape EP, which was a huge success. Now, the French techno producer is ready to share his latest release with you, Skylighter. This is out now on FORM Music. This is...

It’s Not Too “Tricky” If You Like Music

Tricky Hey everyone, this next artist is not only on tour this year but definitely someone I'd be down to see when the time's right—the name: Tricky, the game: sultry toned vocals on intense tracks. In September of last year, Tricky had released his "most darkly moving music in years,"...

The Epic Dreamtheory Interview Conclusion

So we're here and ready to share the third and final part of our Dreamtheory interview. I had a TON of fun interviewing Nick and I hope you've enjoyed reading and watching! You can check out the transcript of the first part HERE. The video is located HERE. Part 2's transcript...