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Screenshot 2018-10-10 21.59.53

Bass Music Repost: Vicious Wolfe & JackEL – “Vicious Living”

Bass Music Repost: Vicious Wolfe & JackEL - "Vicious Living"   -Read below to hear her perspective on what Vicious Living is about   The Story: " Vicious Living is basically about how I'm living. In the world we live in today people encounter a lot of beings that are cold,...
camping nocturnal

Camping At A Festival And What To Bring

Camping Essentials For Any Festival! What better way to help our community than to give some tips and tricks for camping that can apply to both veterans and first-time campers? What To Bring Tent - Depending on the situation and whether you're flying or driving, as well as how many people...

Imagine Music Festival: What The People Think

Thinking of Attending Imagine?  This year was the 5 year anniversary for Imagine Music Festival! What started as a relatively small two-day festival at a park in downtown Atlanta has grown into a three-day festival now held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway grounds on the outskirts of southern Atlanta. This...

Grandoozy: The Good And The Bad

  For those of us that live in Denver, we know that there are a couple of big festivals such as Global Dance and Decadence. But, now there is a new one! Grandoozy had its inaugural weekend September 14-16. For those of you that know Outside Lands in San Francisco...

Freaky Deaky Takes Over Houston & Shows The Local Scene Love

  Houston gets a new look this year for its annual Halloween festival and it's called Freaky Deaky. After 6 years running, Something Wicked is no more. For its part, Something Wicked did great things for the Texas scene, bringing in big festival names and production to become a staple...
Adam 'Crack' Winrich Fire Whip Show. Photo by Mandie Parker

Magic, Mystery And Mayhem At The Texas Renaissance Festival

  There’s a little town in Texas with a population of 107 people which spans a whopping 2 square miles and is relatively quiet and sleepy most of the year. All but for about 9 weeks of it, that is. When the leaves start to turn and the air begins...