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Julian Bajsel (@jbajsel) Freaky gravestone

Freaky Deaky Resurrects A Halloween Festival, Selling Out This Fall Favorite

  Disco Donnie and React Presents reached into the ashes (and mud) this year to resurrect and replace the annual Halloween festival that has raged on at Sam Houston Race Park every year since 2013. Freaky Deaky drew fresh blood with the biggest names in EDM and the production to...

HomeBass: EDC Orlando’s Home Away From Home

EDC Orlando is in 1 week! And an entire resort is dedicated to making sure you and your fellow ravers have the time of your life with the least amount of effort & planning. Sounds amazing right? Home Bass is making these dreams a reality this year at the Grand...
Leah Culver

Exclusive Interview With Leah Culver

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with a growing female artist and Atlanta native Leah Culver while at Imagine Music Festival. Did you know she was nominated for, and awarded, student of the year at Icon Collective the music production school she attends in Burbank, CA? This is...

Goldrush: A Western-Themed Favorite

Have you ever wanted to rave for two days at a pop-up, western style, festival? Well, look no further than the Relentless Beats event Goldrush. This festival returned for its second year during the weekend of September 28-30. Artists and attendees from all over came to Pheonix, AZ to rage...
camping nocturnal

Camping At A Festival And What To Bring

Camping Essentials For Any Festival! What better way to help our community than to give some tips and tricks for camping that can apply to both veterans and first-time campers? What To Bring Tent - Depending on the situation and whether you're flying or driving, as well as how many people...

Imagine Music Festival: What The People Think

Thinking of Attending Imagine?  This year was the 5 year anniversary for Imagine Music Festival! What started as a relatively small two-day festival at a park in downtown Atlanta has grown into a three-day festival now held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway grounds on the outskirts of southern Atlanta. This...